What is The Closet by Christie?

The Closet by Christie is a personal style and fashion blog, curated by Christie Geiger. We’re the ultimate style guide for the everyday woman! You can find everything from how-to style guides to what’s trending, and even Style Truth or Dare challenges from our readers. The Closet by Christie helps you liven up your life with great everyday style!

Our mission: To build a positive, fashion-forward community where all women can be inspired by the world of fashion. Everyone has a personal style- fashionista or not! – so we’re here to serve all women; bringing forth fashion tips and guides to inspire the everyday woman’s style and uniqueness. Let us show you how fun and liberating fashion is!


Who am I?

I’m just like you! I’m Christie, a twenty-something ‘creative’ type and fashion aficionado living on the east coast! ‘Who am I’ is such a loaded question. I am a lot of things! Aside from being a fashion blogger, I’m a Starbucks obsessed career girl, a friend to animals, a music lover with no musical talent what-so-ever, an amateur photographer, a leader, and many others. I’m passionate so when I love something, I really love it. I’m a shoot-for-the-moon and you-can-do-anything kind of girl!A few favorite things include: the color pink, the beach, my Apple products, numerology and astrology, Pretty Little Liars, ice cream, and shopping- but that goes without saying!

I absolutely love anything to do with art, fashion, and design. I’m always creating-whether it be outfits, photography, graphics, or writing. That’s why I love blogging so much; it’s all of my favorite things rolled into one!



And Don’t Forget Paisley…

Paisley is my beloved dog, or as I refer to her- my furbaby. She is super sweet and cuddly! Her favorite thing to do is snuggle on the couch, particularly on her favorite Jennifer Lopez faux fur throw. She loves to play with her toys, dance, and go for walks in our neighborhood. And do I have to say it? She is my little budding fashionista! She loves fashion, just like her Momma, and even has her own closet.

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