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For this month’s Blogger Spotlight, I’m featuring Leslie of Lucky Seven Ten! Leslie is a chic, young woman living the life in NYC with her fiancรฉ. Best of all, she’s a Jane of all trades! Leslie blogs about everything from lifestyle to travel to fashion, and now even office wear. We connected recently over the launch of her new office style section on her blog. She has a ton of great tips on Lucky Seven Ten, so allow me to introduce her… Meet Leslie!
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Christie: Where are you from and how has that affected your style?
Leslie: I’m from New York City, the fashion capital of the world, and I take inspiration from what I see on the streets, at work or in the subway but surprisingly what has affected my style has less to do with what is trendy and more to do with quality, value and maximizing my time. I did at one point have a closet full of black clothes like a typical New Yorker, but that has changed.
New Yorkers are busy people and we are always in a rush. We also live in a city that never sleeps so there’s ALWAYS something to do. Invitations abound. So I always look for easy to wear pieces that can be dressed up or down. I pay attention to the fabric and whenever possible I avoid anything that needs to be ironed or hand-washed. We also walk long distances on any given day and flats or comfortable shoes are a must, however it is not unusual to keep a couple pairs of heels at work in case anything comes up.
Christie: Tell me about your blog.
Leslie: I have a lifestyle blog that is 10 months old. I blog about food, places, experiences, reviews and love.
Christie: Whatโ€™s the story behind your blog?
Leslie: I think the desire to write has always been there since I was kid. To be a good writer you always have to read a lot, and you could always find me reading books, newspapers and magazines since a very early age. Publicly, I have been writing reviews on Yelp since 2007 and I loved the idea of helping someone find something interesting, fun or cool. When I was more active on the site I would get a lot of “useful” votes and love that I can contribute in that way. So I thought that instead of writing reviews on Yelp I should put my thoughts on my own real estate and start a new blog, but that didn’t happen right away. Other reasons for starting my blog started to build up, like when I stopped relaxing my hair and went “natural”, which led me to discovering natural (non-toxic) makeup products and then led me to discovering interesting and a bit obscured stores and brands, but again the blog at that point was just a bunch of drafts on my evernote notebooks. What really lit the fire was when I got engaged, I felt that now had something interesting to blog about and even if nobody read my blog I can show our children one day, and that was enough for me. We got engaged on a Royal Caribbean cruise and built my website the day after we go back. This was my first post.
Christie: Blogging is huge right now! What about you and your blog is unique compared to other bloggers?
Leslie: That’s a great question! There are so many great blogs that I follow and I try not compare myself but rather make improvements based on what I like or dislike in other blogs. What I can tell you is that I take my responsibility as a blogger seriously, and I do not post dishonest, misleading or poorly researched articles. There’s one post about non-toxic beauty products that I have been delaying for months now just to make sure information I’m providing to my readers is not incorrect or misleading. So I offer my readers honesty. I have a marketing and PR background which helps me when communicating with brands that I want to work with and that helps me be more selective.

photo courtesy of Lucky Seven Ten

Christie: You just launched an office-wear section on your blog. Tell us more about that.
Leslie: We spend so much time at work and whether we like to admit it or not, appearance matters. So in this section I aim to provide fun ideas for office looks and share promotions from the stores that I’m affiliated with. There are very few blogs dedicated to office wear and I always find myself looking for inspiration in this area. Lately I’m exploring how to build a basic work wardrobe and how to spice it up with accessories and shoes but that will not be posted for a while. For now my readers can expect quick tips and promotions.
Christie: Are you working on any exciting projects that we can expect to see up on the blog soon?
Leslie: Yes! my beach wedding section. I’m getting married early next year in Roatan, Honduras and I plan to blog about the whole journey and beach wedding ideas.
Christie: What Pinterest board do you pin to the most?
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