Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Favorites

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House of Harlow Teepee Triangle Ring // Tom Ford 'Bruised Plum' Lipstick
 Kate Spade 'Nice Girl' iPhone 5 Case // Feather Masquerade Halloween Mask  (similar)
Jennifer Lopez Faux Fur Throw

1- House of Harlow Jewelry: I'm obsessed with Nicole Richie's 'House of Harlow' jewelry line! It's so boho-chic and has a unique quality. When I see one of these pieces, I immediately recognize the style. It's a little expensive for costume jewelry, but I found a way around that- Rocksbox! I just signed up for this service because I saw that they lend out House of Harlow jewelry. I hope I get a piece in my first box!

2- 'Lorde' Plum Lipstick: Lorde is the epitome of too cool for school. She's flawlessly unique and I love how she embraces that. She also has her own style! It's hard to say for sure but seemingly soon after Lorde started rocking deep purple lipstick, it caught on like wildfire.

3- Kate Spade 'Nice Girl' iPhone 5 Case: As you all know, I'm totally in love with anything Kate Spade. The brand is so cute and quirky! My current iPhone 4 is wearing a black and white polka dot Kate Spade case, but I have been in need of a major phone makeover. I want to upgrade! I'm currently debating which iPhone I should upgrade to; 5S or 6? I think this case is tipping me in favor of the 5S!

4- Feather Masquerade Halloween Mask: About a month ago, I bought a gorgeous hot pink and black feather masquerade mask from Michael's. It was so pretty that I just had to have it! I'm so excited to wear it for Halloween, but I'm not sure what to be. Any ideas?

5- Jennifer Lopez Faux Fur Throw: I am 100% absolutely positively in love with this throw! It's also my dog Paisley's favorite blanket. I bought it on impulse last year while holiday shopping in Kohl's. I loved it so much that I rushed back to get it as a gift, but they were sold out! I'm thrilled to see they have it in stock, again. It will make the perfect gift this holiday season; for yourself and your loved ones! (to my family: forget you read this)

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Monday, October 20, 2014

Make a Statement with 5 Bauble-Inspired Costumes

5 Bauble-Inspired Costumes

It's almost Halloween and if you're like me, you're still scrambling to come up with a costume. The goal is to pick something classy, fashionable, and unique. I've found that the key to creating a fashionable costume is the baubles! I prefer to DIY using items from my closet or items from the store that I'll likely wear again. I was able to find 5 pieces from Baublebar that will really add some style and glam to your costume!

1- Ice Queen: Crystal Cascade Bib

2- Indian Princess: Polynesia Drops

Are you going to pair statement baubles with your Halloween costume this year?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

How-To DIY This Halloween: Top 3 Tips & Rosie the Riveter

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DIY Halloween: Rosie the Riveter by theclosetbychristie

What are you being for Halloween this year? It's always a challenge to come up with something new and original. I prefer a DIY costume because the party store costumes tend to be cheesy and overpriced- AND I like to be unique! How can you create a look from your closet while clearly in costume?

Here's my Top 3 DIY Costume Tips:

1- Statement Pieces: Be sure to include your best statement pieces, whether it be a bold necklace or a sassy pair of leather shorts. The options are endless!

2- Costume Accessories: Don't hesitate to spend a little bit on accessories that you don't already own. A tutu, feather mask, or cat ear headband can go a long way! Then you can re-style your accessories year after year to create a new costume or a different take on your original costume.

3- Style Differently: Try to see your clothing in a new light! The best way to be someone else is to style your pieces in a way that you wouldn't normally. Let your guard down and have fun!

Between the He for She and Ban Bossy campaigns and Emma Watson's infamous speech to the UN,  I thought it would be great timing for a femme Rosie the Riveter costume! The idea was inspired by this gorgeous photo of model Alessandra Ambrosio. It can likely be created using pieces from your closet!

GET THE LOOK: Modcloth Rustic, Scholastic Chambray Top // H&M Imitation Leather Shorts
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